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Gynaecology is a field of medicines catered to provide special care to the women health needs.

At Darshanjot Medical and health center, we offer professional services including checkups, health consultations, and any necessary treatment. Our ultimate motto is to promote healthy living among women by not letting them face issues that need consultation.  Any problems faced by the women including childbirth or menopause is taken care of by our expert gynaecologists. Gynaecologists may recommend surgical operations depending upon the severity of the disease.

A good Physician treats the disease but a great physician treats the patient who has the disease.


A gynaecologist is a medical professional who has the required competency in dealing with reproductive issues faced by the women.  Gynaecologists are an expert professional to suggest a suitable medical solution to the females complaining of the problems in their internal organs. Women are generally advised to visit a gynaecologist once a year to promote their effective wellbeing and especially when the health symptoms started showing its poor side. However, it is important that gynaecologist should be a certified and registered professional before continuing practicing his/her medical services.

An obstetrician is an advanced field of gynaecology that is concerned with child birth problem and pregnancy. To qualify as a gynaecologist, the medical professionals are required to be trained first as a doctor and then as gynaecologist. The entire course duration to be a gynaecologist is of 4 years which means 4 years of MBBS followed by 4 years of study of gynaecology.

It is recommended for women to go visit a gynaecologist immediately on facing symptoms such as pelvic, vulvar, and vaginal pain or abnormal bleeding from the uterus. These signs if ignored could create worst symptoms directly affecting health of the females.

Services We offered

A gynaecologist professional deals in providing effective treatment options to the following issues:

  1. Pregnancy, fertility, menstruation, and menopause
  2. Females facing problems in family planning including contraception, sterilization.
  3. Pregnancy termination
  4. Issues in childbirth
  5. Fecal incontinence
  6. Urinary infections
  7. Pregnancy-related tumours
  8. Cancer in the reproductive tract or breast
  9. Pelvic inflammatory diseases
  10. Sexual dysfunction
  11. Problems-related to periods
  12. Infertility, etc.

Surgical Services offered by Gynaecologists mostly include:

Colposcopy & Cervical Biopsy: 

It is used to diagnose any abnormal functioning in the cervix area. Colposcopy helps the medical professional to analyze the magnified view of the cervix in order to find a suitable cause. In addition, medical professionals could also observe vagina and vulva tissues to track the problem in a better way. Cervical Biopsy is another means of diagnosis that removes the tissue from the cervix to perform a biopsy.

Dilation & Curettage

D&C method is used to clear out the cavity and lining of the uterus by performing a surgery. D&C treatment is mostly suggested to the females who had undergone incomplete miscarriage. Another situation that demands D&C surgery is when abnormal cells are found in female vagina leading to the irregularity in the bleeding. Patients are required to be admitted to the hospital to perform D&C. However, they get discharged on the same day of their admission.

Many other laboratory tests are also carried out to determine the extent of the problem.

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