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Internal medicine also referred to as General Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of adult diseases.

At Darshanjot Medical & Health Center,  we have a team of medical experts to guide you through the treatment process of chronic illness. We offer both exclusive and comprehensive health packages including complete body check-ups to carry out the proper diagnosis based on which treatments are provided specifically to each individual needs. We offer treatments in a way that mark overall improvement in the health of our patients.

“Time personally spent with the patient is the most essential ingredient of excellence in clinical practice. There are simply no short cuts and no substitutions."

Internal Medicine in detail

Physicians specializing in the field of Internal medicine are provided training to take care of even the complex details of the disease to assure overall improvement.  The field of internal medicine further has certain subspecialties, listing as allergy, hormone disorders, nephrology, gastroenterology, heart disease, cancer, immunology, lung disorders, arthritis, etc. The concept of internal medicine has been introduced to treat both acute and chronic illness in a way that it encourages a healthy lifestyle overall. A physician, however, can acquire specialty in any of the diseases that are concerned with adults.


Who are internists?

Professionals having requisite qualifications and experience in dealing with adult diseases are certified, internists or physicians. A physician is dedicated to offering quality care to the adults by engaging in effective means of diagnosis, prevention and treatment options.


Internists Work Profile & Responsibilities

A physician is responsible to provide comprehensive care to the patients suffering from chronic illness.  Professionals who practice Internal medicine should not be confused with a family practitioner. A family practitioner is dedicated to serving the health needs of both children and adults whereas internal medicine physicians deal merely with the prevention of adult diseases. Doctors qualified to be an internist also offer health screening and various preventive medicines at their respective centers or in the healthcare institutes.

Communication is a very crucial aspect in the field of internal medicine. Effective communiqué helps internists to gather important information about the patient’s disease. It is important that internists should be able to connect well with their patients to offer the best treatment policy. Internists are sometimes mistaken are interns but this is not true. Interns are not yet qualified to be called as internists as they are still in their internship period. Professionals specializing in the field of internal medicine makes use of their scientific knowledge and experience gathered through the years to integrate into the clinical practice. The idea is to offer the best health outcomes among the patient. Above all, the internists rely on evidence-based practices which is sure to deliver better results.




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