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Darshanjot Medical & Health Center also provides services of nephrology at their center.  Doctors specializing in nephrology field are referred to as nephrologists. Nephrologists acquire the desired skills and efficiencies to treat kidney-related disorders. Any kind of dysfunction witnessed in the kidney area is taken care of by the nephrologists by means of comprehensive primary care options.

Nephrology is the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of kidney related diseases.

The field of nephrology is generally assumed to be part of the internal medicine concept and it is believed that nephrologists can handle even the complex cases of kidney disorders or failures.

Some of the common kidney disorders may include:

  1. Glomerular diseases,
  2. Tubulointerstitial kidney diseases
  3. Tubular defects
  4. Effects of the toxin on the kidney, including various diagnostic and therapeutic agents, etc.


The practice of nephrology requires complete knowledge and expertise skills for the treatment of kidney-related disorders. The nephrologists are expected to be well versed in the comprehension of kidney vasculature involving renal artery, kidney infections, neoplasms of the kidney, and lastly keeping track of the abnormalities found in the kidney area. The major role of nephrologists primarily includes a thorough understanding of the working of the kidney system and how it acts as an interface between the other body parts. The nephrologists solid understanding of the kidney’s functioning can help track the level of hypertension faced by the patients. The way a kidney function has direct relevance to increasing or decreasing levels of hypertension.  This means the nephrologists can also assist to cure uncontrollable hypertension level in addition to kidney disorders. The process is performed by controlling the blood pressure of the patient. Besides this, nephrologists are also an expert in other fields such as controlling fluids, electrolyte, and acid-base disturbances.

Major responsibilities of a nephrologist include taking care of the dialysis in oversight when the patient is recommended to undergo renal replacement surgery. A neurologist is a trained and expert professional to engage actively in the kidney transplant process.

A nephrologist providing in-hospital consultation is liable to perform effective diagnosis and treatment in order to achieve optimum health outcomes. Nephrologists are also known to provide consultative and ongoing care in both ambulance and inpatient settings.

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